Posts Written OnApril 2017

Grayson’s Newborn

How handsome is this little guy?! Everyone meet Grayson!┬áThat hair!! It’s funny, usually the girls get all the hair so I loveeee seeing a baby boy with that hair! He started off nice and sleepy, then was super alert, then got nice and sleepy for the bucket shot!

Landyn’s newborn

Oh sweet Landyn! She didn’t want to miss a beat at first, but like always, she got nice and sleepy so we could get those cute prop shots! Mom and Dad brought in some special items that belong to Landyn’s uncle, who sadly passed away. I know these pictures will be cherished forever. Landyn has the best guardian angel. <3

At home with Tessa!

Would you believe it if I said my favorite kind of photos are the candid, warm, lifestyle photos?! I’m so jealous of that style. My goal this year is to take more personal pictures and more lifestyle pictures. I really, really love the lifestyle pictures at home for the older kids. Sometimes I babysit my nieces when I can and I decided i’m going to take my camera when I do. Perfect practice. So here’s Tessa at 2.5 years old and one of Moose too.