Posts Written OnDecember 2017

Benjamin – Cakesmash

I feel like it was just yesterday when Benjamin was just six weeks old, coming in for his newborn session (that he slept the whole entire time for). I have enjoyed seeing him every three months so, so much! He is the happiest little guy I’ve ever met. Happy birthday Benjamin!

Matthew & Holden – Twin newborn

Have I ever told ya’ll how much I love twins?! Like, love so much I hope I have some one day. These guys were little super stars! We got done with six different set ups, alone and together in under two hours! They were so sweet and tiny! Matthew weighed 6lbs and Holden weighed 4lbs! I always am amazed by the twin bond, they always calm each other right down. <3

Nico – Newborn

Introducing little Nico!  He was a whopping 4lbs 14ounces! I always say the tiny babies are the feistiest, this little guy just wanted to cuddle and sleep, which is understandable haha! He still did so great for his session! Big sister was a rock star for her part, such a great big sister already. I thought Nico was so tiny because he was born three weeks early, but nope, big sister was born on time at 4lbs 15ounces!